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Running with Geordie Spirit: The Great North Run!

Have you ever laced up your trainers, feeling that unmistakable blend of excitement and nervousness, and thought, “What on earth have I signed up for?” Welcome to the club of everyone who’s ever taken part in the Great North Run in Newcastle!

For the uninitiated, the Great North Run isn’t just any old half marathon. Oh no, my friends! This iconic event is the world’s largest half marathon, and let me tell you, the Geordie spirit shines its brightest on this special day.

Why's it So... Great?

13.1 miles sounds like a lot (okay, it IS a lot), but there’s something electric about this run. Maybe it’s the Tyne Bridge, the iconic backdrop to the start of the half marathon, which runners cross while getting cheered on from all sides. Perhaps it’s the Red Arrows flying overhead, painting the sky with their acrobatics. But if you ask me, it’s the people. The Geordies, the spectators, the thousands running for causes close to their hearts, and the kids handing out those much-needed jelly babies along the route.

A Run for Everyone

You don’t have to be a seasoned marathoner to join the Great North Run. Whether you’re sprinting, jogging, walking, or doing a fun mix of all three, there’s a place for you. And it’s not just the adults! Junior and mini runs ensure that the kids get a piece of the action too. Don’t be surprised if they show us up with their boundless energy!

Herd Groyne Lighthouse in South Shields, England, UK.

That Finish on the Coast

Imagine the salt-laden sea breeze, the sound of waves cheering you on, and the knowledge that you’ve almost made it. That’s right, the race finishes along the scenic coast of South Shields. And let’s not forget that well-deserved medal waiting for you at the end, a shiny testament to your hard work and perseverance.

Fun Fact!

Did you know the Great North Run was first staged in 1981 with 12,000 runners? Fast forward to now, and we’re talking over 57,000 participants from various parts of the globe! How’s that for growth! 

Sportswoman giving high five to her team at finish line

A Day of Celebration

Beyond the run itself, the whole day turns into a massive celebration. From live music to delicious food stalls lining the route, it’s a carnival vibe. And if your legs aren’t feeling like jelly after the run, you can even have a little dance!

Supporting a Cause

Many participants run for a cause. Charities from across the UK see tremendous support from the Great North Run. So, if you’ve got a cause close to your heart, this is a fantastic way to make a difference. It’s not just about the run; it’s about the community and the change we can bring about together.

Thinking of Joining In?

If the Great North Run isn’t already on your bucket list, why not? You’ll get fit, feel fantastic, and be a part of something truly special. And if running isn’t your jam, come for the atmosphere. Cheer, clap, and offer up those jelly babies!

In a nutshell, whether you’re in it for the fitness, the fun, or the fantastic vibes, the Great North Run is an experience like no other. So, to everyone gearing up for the next one: good luck, have a blast, and remember, it’s called the Great North Run for a reason!

Until next time, keep running towards your dreams (or at least a good cuppa afterwards!)

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