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As you step into the majestic Cragside House, the rich, comforting scent of home baking engulfs you. It’s a heady mix of sugary sweetness and nutty warmth, and it leads you along, wafting from the heart of the home, the kitchen. Here, a dedicated team of volunteers passionately curate an engaging and educational experience by recreating the art of Victorian baking for the visitors.

The House at Cragside, notable for its distinctive Victorian elegance, has dedicated spaces for a variety of activities. However, the most attractive is the kitchen situated on the ground floor. It’s a hive of activity and a sensory delight, brimming with the mouthwatering aroma of cakes and bakes whipped up by the skilled volunteers.

Dressed in accurate period costumes that lend authenticity to the entire spectacle, these volunteers are not just cooks; they are passionate storytellers and historians, sharing the Victorian era’s culinary traditions and methods with everyone who stops by. They delve into authentic Victorian recipes, bringing forth an array of traditional treats that serve as a delicious connection between the past and the present.

With a huge range at their disposal, these volunteer cooks demonstrate the methods and techniques that would have been used in the Victorian era, creating an intriguing time travel experience for the spectators. Feel free to ask questions, participate, and satiate your curiosity about the various ingredients, cooking utensils, and processes they use.

Moreover, they share captivating stories and anecdotes about life in the kitchen, providing a vivid glimpse into the servants’ daily routines, duties, and interactions. Their tales illustrate the hustle and bustle of the kitchen during the Victorian era and the rigors of daily life, painting a picture of the past that’s as aromatic as it is vibrant.

As you explore further, you also gain insights into the Armstrong family’s lives, the original inhabitants of Cragside House, and their guests. Through the volunteers’ narrative, you understand the intricate dynamics of the kitchen – the culinary epicenter that fueled the Armstrong household’s activities and the grand parties they hosted for their guests.

At Cragside House, the warmth of home baking does more than just stimulate your taste buds. It paints a living picture of the past, educates about the time-honoured culinary traditions, and pays homage to the people who tirelessly carried out their chores in the kitchen, making the place a lively and memorable destination for all visitors.

This event takes place every Wednesday, 1-4pm until 7 September.

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