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Welcome to our news and events blog. Chronicle is a captivating anthology that explores the essence of the North East of England, featuring local tips, family adventures, foodie secrets, and doggy escapades. Join us on this journey as we uncover the remarkable stories that make the North East of England truly special.

Bamburgh Castle - Northumberland - United Kingdom

The Breath-taking – Bamburgh Castle

If you’ve ever found yourself ambling through the landscapes of Northumberland, you might’ve spotted a castle that looks straight out of a fairy tale. We are, of course, talking about the incredible Bamburgh Castle.

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Lindisfarne - Northumberland - England

Discover Lindisfarne Castle

Nestled atop the volcanic mound known as Beblowe Craig on Holy Island in Northumberland, England, Lindisfarne Castle stands as a historic testament to the island’s rich and varied past.

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Couple of trail runners

Bamburgh 10k

Embark on the extraordinary Bamburgh 10k, a quintessential summer race that offers an ideal blend of athletic challenge and enchanting scenery.

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